Understand and Manage Your Anger

Telehealth Anger Management Group

Gain the tools to navigate the most challenging situations with confidence!

What is Anger?

God calls us to love Him with our whole hearts. Anger is a human emotion, just like joy, sadness, fear, or shame. Like all the emotions, anger has an important role. Anger alerts us to injustice, falsehood, and that which is wrong. It gives us the energy to speak the truth and act rightly. How we respond when we experience anger can result in life or death – to jobs, relationships, personal health, etc. Anger can be powerful! Does your anger feel like an ally or an enemy?

Is how you are handling your anger causing your world to thrive or be crushed?

What is the hope?

To grow into the maturity of Christ so that our words and actions will help, not hurt others. The outcome of the group is to increase understanding of how anger works and how our personal experiences contribute to our anger. Group time will process weekly lesson and homework exercises as well as provide tailored feedback to specific situations participants have faced that week.

You will learn to: identify and understand your anger; calm yourself down; take helpful and healthy actions when angry.

How to Start

Set up a consultation appointment where you will meet with a counselor individually prior to joining the group. This allows the counselor to better know the issues you are dealing with personally as well as introduce the program to you. Anger Management is addressed in a 12 session program. Group members complete weekly readings and assignments between group sessions.

Cost: $90 consultation, $30 manual (pay for and receive at consultation), 12 group sessions at $45 a session. Ability to use insurance benefits will be assessed at consultation.

Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm

Telehealth Format:
Participants will need to have access to secure internet with audio and visual capabilities.

Contact CCAHope Office at 518-439-0033 to get started.

*Group is not a certified court mandated provider.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love.