Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do we mean by "Christian"?

A. All the CCAHope practitioners have made a personal faith commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives. All can endorse an evangelical statement of faith (i.e. National Association of Evangelicals). Hope comes from counsel that is congruent with the Word of God. Our initial consultation will consider your personal views, expectations and desires. We are open about our convictions for the sake of transparency and to be of service to those seeking services that honor Christian tradition. We are never forceful and strive to be respectful of those who do not desire to address spiritual matters or this tradition.

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Q. Is CCAHope affiliated with any particular denomination?

A. No. Clinicians participate in a variety of churches and denominations. CCAHope receives referrals from pastors and clergy of many diverse ministries.

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Q. Does anyone at CCAHope prescribe medication?

No. Please see your primary care provider or a psychiatrist for prescriptions.

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Q. What about using my insurance?

Cost is a real and practical concern. When benefits are available and appropriate to access, CCAHope will do our best to enable clients to use their insurance. Insurance options are not always applicable or advisable.

Clinician Match: The most important factor in whether you will be successful in realizing change is the match between the client problem and the therapist. CCAHope has many different professionals. We typically have a good clinician for your goals. However, not all clinicians are on every insurance panel. We make no apologies about asking clients to be prepared to pay directly for services if the ideal professional for your situation does not participate with your insurance or if the concern to be addressed does not meet the criteria for medical necessity.

Time is a critical issue: In certain cases, a clinician on your insurance panel may not have an appointment readily available. We strongly urge clients not to wait. If there is a CCAHope mental health professional immediately available who has the expertise to help with your need, take advantage of the opportunity. Counseling and therapeutic care is an investment in you, your marriage and your family's good health. Get started as soon as possible, even if this means paying directly for the services.

Benefit Limitations: We live in an era when various insurance companies, while increasing fees, are unwilling to pay for the reasonable cost of delivering certain services. We urge you not to let insurance be the main factor in whether, or where, you get your assistance. Whenever possible and to the best of our ability, we will work with you and your insurance carrier. While cost is certainly important, it is wise to allow the best therapist match to be the chief concern.

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Q. If I am unable to use my health insurance plan and I pay CCAHope directly, can I then submit my receipts to my insurance for reimbursement?

This depends on your plan. CCAHope will assist you in every way possible. You should contact your health insurance company to inquire about Out-of-Network Mental Health Benefits on your specific plan. When possible, CCAHope will provide the proper receipts to facilitate reimbursement or to make use of your discretionary medical care benefits.

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Q. If a parent brings a child for therapy, will there be an opportunity for the parent(s) to speak privately with the counselor?

Yes. Parents or guardians are included in the treatment plan for minors. Also, both parents need to be aware of therapy and included in cases where parents are separated.

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Q. Does CCAHope have a children's play room or provide childcare?

No. We do not have facilities for childcare. We ask that parents not leave children unattended in the waiting room.

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Q. What is an "Initial Consultation" appointment?

Our best recommendation to get started at CCAHope is the Initial Consultation. This optional, non-covered service affords you the opportunity to discuss with a trained professional the issues; your goals; and the background relevant to your difficulties. As a result, CCAHope will match you with the best therapist here at CCA or provide you with a referral or recommendation based on your circumstance. If it is recommended that you continue with services at CCAHope, you will be scheduled for an Orientation & Assessment appointment (includes computer-assisted assessment).

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Q. What kinds of questions are asked in the computer assessment?

The questions are designed to help us know more about you. You may be asked to report on early childhood experiences or on how you might respond to a hypothetical situation. All questions are multiple choice and do not require any prior experience with a computer.

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Q. How long is a counseling session?

Counseling sessions are 53 minutes in length.

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Q. What costs are involved?

The Initial Consultation is an appointment with a specialized clinician without any commitment to continue with CCAHope. We offer this unique session at a reduced rate of $89, payable at the time of service. This provides you with immediate and direct experience of CCAHope. The Initial Consultation clinician will take this opportunity to assess your needs and discern the potential benefit of our therapeutic services. This critical consultation is one that CCAHope has long provided to the Christian community.

Following this optional, non-covered service, additional appointments will be offered either on a private pay basis or according to the mental health benefits of your health insurance plan.

For clients who are not utilizing insurance: The follow-up visit (Orientation & Assessment) is $150. Marital assessments are offered at a reduced rate of $200 per couple.

For clients who are not utilizing insurance: Counseling sessions are $115 per visit for our mental health professionals (MA level) and $125 to meet with a psychologist (PhD level). Reduced-fee appointments may be available with clinicians in training (intern or extern level).

For clients who utilize health insurance: Co-pay and deductible costs will vary based on your plan.

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Q. Does CCAHope counsel people with eating disorders?

The answer to this lies in the severity of the immediate concern. CCAHope offers general mental health services and does not offer specialty services in this area. Still, many clients with eating issues are treated by our clinicians. During the initial consultation, we determine whether we can meet your needs or give an appropriate referral.

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Q. Does CCAHope treat people who are struggling with an addiction?

A. Yes. CCAHope has several counselors with expertise in treating various addictive behaviors. During the Initial Consultation, we determine whether we can meet your needs or give you an appropriate referral.

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Q. Does CCAHope accept credit cards?

A. Yes. CCAHope accepts credit, debit and medical savings account cards. A receipt for the charge will be sent by email.

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Q. Are my sessions confidential? Will anyone know what is discussed?

A. We are committed to keeping everything you share confidential. The law, professional ethics, and common sense prohibit anything you say or do from being shared with anyone else without your written permission. There are, however, some exceptions which you should know about:

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So I will call upon Your name and keep my eyes above the waves, when oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace for I am Yours and You are mine.