Introducing CCAHope

A Christ-honoring History

Over four decades ago, pastors and leaders from various Gospel-based churches prayed over the counseling needs of Christ followers in the Capital Region of upstate New York. God answered those prayers. The vision for mental health services dedicated to an evangelical framework took shape and is now represented by the clinicians and staff of CCAHope. God’s rich blessing has since been experienced in numerous restored lives, marriages, and families!

An Evangelical Theological Core

Hope is one of three theological virtues (faith, hope & love). Hope in the Gospel is central to nurturing Christian faith in those who love the Lord and cherish the depth of Christian spiritual tradition. The anchor of our hope and the legacy of this vision is vital to our ongoing mission.

Contemporary Christian Mental Health Professionals

CCAHope is an association of psychologists, social workers, counselors, life coaches, spiritual directors, interns and gifted administrators. All clinicians are New York State credentialed and qualified professionals who specialize in counseling that accents Christian convictions. Coordination of care with medical providers and clergy is routine. Our funding derives solely from the services we deliver.

Counselors with a High Calling

Each CCAHope staff member can give personal testimony to a firm commitment to the Gospel, the wonder of salvation in Jesus Christ, the surety of Scripture, and the active ministry of the Holy Spirit. Clinicians remain accountable to local pastors and sit faithfully under the proclamation of Scripture. Therapists apply knowledge of psychological and Biblical principles to nurture clients' unique faith, love for God and others, and hope in the Lord.

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love.