Welcome to Christian Counseling Associates.

CCAHope provides quality clinical services that are distinctively Christian in orientation. We believe that upon beginning to work with us, you will experience the benefits of our commitment to excellence.

Sucessful therapeutic relationships are built on clear expectations. Here are the principles, policies, and procedures that will impact our journey together. Questions can readily be discussed during the Orientation and Assessment session or with your therapist at any time.

Counseling Care: What to Expect

Be assured that a certain amount of anxiety before and during early sessions is normal. You should also expect that you may feel worse before you begin to feel better. The process of therapy will involve speaking about experiences that are very difficult to face. Although few people find the process pleasurable, most people find counseling helpful and ultimately very rewarding.

Many people have pre-formed ideas about what a mental health professional would want them to talk about or how they "should be" during a session. Please be assured that you are not on stage. Honesty about your thoughts and feelings is the most important contribution you can make to the process. Your counselor will provide you with attention and respect along with expertise in an effort to help you resolve the difficulties that brought you to CCAHope. Our goal is to help you enjoy the fullness of all you were made to be.

Counselors and clients will jointly clarify goals, methods and approaches. Our assessment procedures are designed to be thorough and to enable you to express your story, struggles and desires. Clients are free to accept the treatment plan that your counselor offers or may ask to explore alternative strategies. It is acceptable to request a referral to another therapist when additional expertise or another perspective is desired.

A unique distinctive of CCAHope is that our staff are competent and prepared to blend resources from the Christian faith into our treatment plans when this is the expressed desire of our clients. You will set the expectations on and the preferences for your counseling care.

Confidentiality, Exceptions and HIPAA Compliance

We are committed to keeping your information confidential. The law, professional ethics, and common sense prohibit anything you say or do from being shared with anyone else without your written permission. These are the exceptions that you should know about:

HIPAA Privacy Regulations have been established by the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services to establish a minimum level of privacy protection for health care information. The Privacy Rule establishes a patient's rights regarding the use and disclosure of his/her health care information. Each medical/mental health practice that collects health care information must take steps to control access to this patient data as well as to inform patients of their privacy rights. CCAHope handles your health information in ways that are consistent with these regulations.

Our explicit policies to protect the privacy of your personal health information are as follows:

Protecting your privacy is important. If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please ask during the orientation and assessment session or speak with your counselor.

By proceeding, you indicate that you understand how CCAHope abides by HIPAA confidentiality and privacy guidelines.


CCAHope is not equipped to supervise children. Please do not leave your children unattended in the waiting room.

Appointments: Scheduling and Canceling

By proceeding, you indicate that you understand that you are directly responsible for the full session fee for any missed appointments unless you call to cancel/reschedule at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Electronic Communication Policy

Various types of electronic communications are common in our society. Many individuals believe this is the preferred method of communication, whether their relationships are social or professional. Many of these modes of communication put privacy at risk. Therefore this can be inconsistent with the law and with the standards of the mental health profession. These policies are posted to assure the security and confidentiality of your treatment as well as to assure that it is consistent with ethics and the law.

By proceeding, you consent to the use of texting to schedule appointments with your counselor.


By proceeding you indicate that you understand that, should you choose to utilize the Initial Consultation service, it will not be covered by insurance and you agree to pay the $89.00 out-of-pocket fee.

By proceeding you indicate that you understand that payment is due at the beginning of each session unless other arrangements are made.

By proceeding you indicate that you understand that insurance may be billed on your behalf, but you are ultimately responsible for payment of fees.

By proceeding you indicate that you understand that you are responsible for informing the practice of changes in your insurance.

By proceeding you indicate that you understand that you are responsible to meet your insurance deductible. You agree to pay the full session fee at the time of service until your insurance company notifies CCAHope that your deductible has been met. If the insurance company notifies CCAHope that the allowable amount differs from the full session fee, you understand that your account will be credited the difference.

Crisis Services

By proceeding, you indicate that you have read and understood the information regarding fees, insurance deductables, and crisis services.

Information for Clients Utilizing Health Insurance

Health plan benefits may be available to cover the financial cost for psychotherapy when those services are deemed medically necessary. There are clinicians on staff who are properly credentialed and prepared to undertake the assessment, treatment planning, and implementation steps in accordance with the expectations of health insurance plans. Please sign off on this section if you would like CCAHope to coordinate your care with the procedures of your health insurance plan.

By submitting the Client Background Information form, I authorize the release of any medical or other information necessary to process claims for services rendered at CCAHope. I authorize payment of medical benefits to be made to CCAHope.